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Safety4Transfer is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for the exchange of encrypted data between two and more users. The application has been developed on the basis of long-term experience in the field of secure data transmission and is based on the application Safety4Data, which the subsidiary company IT-CNS, Inc. has been selling successfully on the North American market since 2014.

European experience in healthcare, the financial sector and the automobile industry, along with experience in cooperation with American law and tax firms, marketing agencies and IT firms working on the East Coast of the USA, has convinced us that there is room on the market for a user-friendly secure tool for the simple exchange of encrypted data, be it between two subjects or within the context of a defined group of more subjects. Safety4Transfer (S4T) does not aim to compete with email or a public or private cloud solution, but to complement it suitably and significantly increase the security of transmitted data. On the basis of previous experience and the requirements of users, the tool Safety4Data was created for the North American market, and Safety4Transfer was created for the European market. In the new generation, both applications use the latest possibilities for securing and encrypting data, for saving and for actual transmissions.

The advantage of S4T is that S4T encrypts and secures each sent file separately, and it does so locally, directly on the user's computer. So the files that the user sends using S4T leave the local computer already fully protected, and neither the service provider nor anyone else on the transmission route or in the cloud storage has access to the data, nor are they capable of opening and viewing files. 

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Enterprise-grade security is created using a combination of two proven technologies: HTTPS (including the PFS algorithm) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Data security is created by using the Windows Azure server environment – technology which delivers a superior level of confidentiality, integrity, and stored data availability. Data is transferred through the highly secure HTTPS (SSL 3.0 / TLS 1.2). The server is then authenticated by a server certificate, verifying that the user is communicating with the legitimate Safety4Data application, not a spoofed server. Security is further enhanced by the optional use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). When using PKI, the user can secure not only the server authentication, but also the Safety4Data user authentication. In addition, users can encrypt/decrypt files using PKI. During transfer, data is sent via Safety4Data’s highly secure, encrypted HTTPS tunnel. Files are encrypted and stored on Safety4Data servers until the recipient downloads them, at which time the files on the server is permanently deleted. Encryption certificates are acquired via "Certificate Authorities" and managed by the company to optimize security.
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Safety4Data is an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer data transfer application. Once user accounts are set up, transferring files is as simple as dropping them into a folder. High-speed data processing is then ensured by using Windows Azure servers. Our easy-to-use application has been developed with non-technical users in mind. Safety4Data uses this philosophy in every step of the installation and setup process too, meaning everybody – not just IT professionals – now have access to enterprise-grade encryption technology. As a result, Safety4Data not only secures your data, but can also save your business time and money.
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The speed of the Safety4Data application is supported by the robust Microsoft Azure network. Both the HTTPS protocol and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are used for data transmission. High-speed data processing is ensured by placing Safety4Data servers on the Windows Azure network. The application's user interface has been developed for non-IT professionals. Combining Azure with ease-of-use optimizes how quickly users can set up the application, create new users, and transfer files to their peers.
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The administrator of your Safety4Data account can fully customize the communication path settings and individual user authorizations. Authorized personnel can create a private, secure communication network by using the common rules and protocols. This setup is managed in an easy-to-use administration panel that requires no IT or technical know-how. As a result, anyone can create a secure and efficient data transfer network for sharing private and encrypted data.
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Safety4Data is a set of CNS-developed software and tools (the "Service") used to provide a hosted application built on client-server architecture to enable, at the Subscriber's option, the creation of virtual secured networks utilizing HTTPS protocol security and public key infrastructure for the purpose of sending and receiving messages that are encrypted in transmission according to users’ rules. The server-side component of the Service (the “Server-Side Component”) is hosted by CNS in CNS’s Microsoft Azure cloud environment and includes CNS’s proprietary web application (the “Web Application”). The Subscriber’s Administrator(s) use the Web Application to (a) create, edit, delete and manage accounts for new and existing Authorized Users, (b) review usage statistics regarding data and files exchanged through the Service, and (c) access the payment module. The Server-Side Component also provides access to configuration settings and, for a limited time, will host users’ files while in transit through the system. The Web Application is optimized for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, with the supported versions and operating systems as set forth in CNS's then-current documentation. The client side is a standard 32/64 bit application (the “Client Application”). Under the execution of this agreement, the Client Application has been successfully tested for OS Windows 7/8 and Windows Server 2008/2012. Subscriber’s Authorized Users can use the Client Application to upload and download data automatically, designate whether such data will be sent in encrypted form and enables recipients of data sent through the Service in encrypted form to decrypt such data. The client application is installed to Safety4Data users’ hardware (pc/server).
Lite/Home 1
  • Number of Files: 10
  • Number of Users: 2
  • File Size Limit: 20 MB
Lite/Home 2
  • Number of Files: 20
  • Number of Users: 5
  • File Size Limit: 200 MB
Business/Professional 1
  • Number of Users: 20
  • Number of Files: 200
  • File Size Limit: 200 MB
Business/Professional 2
  • Number of Files: 1 500
  • Number of Users: 100
  • File Size Limit: 200 MB
Business/Professional 3
  • Number of Files: Individual
  • Number of Users: Individual
  • File Size Limit: Individual

*před zpoplatněním Vás budeme informovat a vytvoříme individuální nabídku.


The application Safety4Transfer was developed by the company CNS a.s., and IT company founded in 1993 and operating on the European and American market. The main activities of CNS a.s. include development of software to order for healthcare, the automobile industry, banking, public administration, and logistics. The company also has more than 15 years of existence in the field of data encryption and operation of secure data transfers, including R&D projects with leading Czech universities. The other activities of the company CNS a.s. include complete outsourcing of IT services and administration of data networks, audits of IT technologies, sales and servicing of IT equipment, and, last but not least, distribution of its own file service information system (ELISA). Partners of the company include key players from the world of IT, such as Microsoft (CNS a.s. has for many years been an MS Gold Application Development Partner), HP Inc Czech Republic s.r.o. (Preferred Gold Partner), Cisco Systems s.r.o., AVG Technologies CZ s.r.o., and Kerio Technologies ČR. CNS a.s. is also a member of many ICT organisations and unions such as TPEB ČR (Technological Platform for Power Security), ICT Union, EurTradeNet, and many others.

Since 2014 the company CNS a.s. has also been operating on the North American market via its subsidiary IT-CNS, Inc. The company set up its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, more specifically the rapidly developing East Liberty area, which is home to technology firms of all sizes, from start-ups to giants such as Google, Facebook, and Uber. During its time on the North American market IT-CNS, Inc. has become an important member of many professional associations and organisations, such as the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, Pittsburgh Social Exchange, The Beauty Shoppe, and others. IT-CNS, Inc. also works closely with local universities and with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington. Thanks to its extensive experience in international trade, the IT-CNS portfolio also includes consultation services in the area of international business, in particular consultation for companies entering new foreign markets.

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  • KPD
    While generally considered a B2B application, KPD's primary focus is on the automotive industry and its logistics. The application connects and automates a data exchange between production and supplier companies while aiming to maximize the production efficiency. This helps to optimize warehouse stock/inventory (“Just In Time” approach), product delivery, and administrative functions. The KPD application also supports a state-of-art billing process which provides services such as self-billing where the customer may produce invoices on behalf of a supplier and pay them immediately. All of KPD’s capabilities are executed through customized integration into the clients information system.
    As healthcare administration costs rise, MediDat assists in the e-Health marketplace. The application provides efficient management and secure distribution tools for patient test results as they are transmitted between laboratories and the requesting physicians, hospitals, outpatient clinics, etc. The MediDat application also aims to improve healthcare outcomes by delivering test results to physicians more rapidly, empowering medical professionals the ability to provide treatment for their patients more quickly and effectively. The MediDat System meets the strict EU personal data protection legislation (equivalent to the HIPAA Compliance in the United States). In 2013, the MediDat System sent 2.5 million test results to physicians. The SYNLAB group, which provides healthcare services throughout Europe and Asia, is among MediDat’s primary customers, but MediDat customers include hospitals, outpatient clinics, and physicians throughout Europe. In addition, MediDat is proud of its collaboration with the Czech Republic Army, a current standing NATO member.
    IT-CNS launched EuroDat in 2000. This system has been certified and licensed by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (General Customs Office), meeting the Ministry’s high standards for data security and processing speed. EuroDat provides an e-customs procedure to approximately 600 commercial, industrial and logistics companies in Europe, Asia, and the United States. As a result of EuroDat, IT-CNS has become a member of the European Alliance EURTRADENET whose goal is to streamline e-customs procedures (and therefore business transactions) between the EU nations and all other countries. The system processed more than 6 million unique messages (files) in 2013. Current clients of EuroDat include Johnson Controls, Hyundai, Foxconn, Emirates Airlines, Heineken, DAMCO (Maersk Group), Continental Automotive, ArcelorMittal, Skoda Auto (Volkswagen Group), BOSCH, and Panasonic.
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Although Safety4Data was designed to provide great user experience through its simplicity and user friendliness we are happy to assist you whenever you need it. Based on your subscription you can get in touch with our experienced technical support based in Pittsburgh, PA.


With our Standard Support program every customer gets:

Telephone Support
Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm EST
Online Support Tools
Access to all Safety4Data How to use videos
Access to all product manuals for free
Email consultation with our support team

Emergency 24/7 Telephone Support
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Proactive Service: Periodic business reviews addressing challenges and upcoming initiatives

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